New Michigan Media is…

New Michigan Media, or NMM for short, is a network of ethnic and minority media across the state of Michigan. Organized in 2006 by Professor Hayg Oshagan of Wayne State University’s Department of Communication, NMM is a network that includes over 100 ethnic and minority media outlets in Michigan, which represent hundreds of thousands of readers, viewers and listeners in the Michigan media market. NMM has led newsmaker briefings, conferences, workshops, convenings, provided an ethnic news server and created an ethnic and minority media directory.

NMM is funded and supported by a grant from the Knight Foundation, The Ford Foundation and The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan. NMM is also affiliated with New America Media.

A word from the director

Hayg Oshagan

“The ethnic media are the mortar in the bricks of the community structure and are essential for a community to establish itself. New Michigan Media is committed to building bridges among ethnic, minority and immigrant communities, to creating new opportunities, and making SE Michigan a better place for everyone.”

Dr. Hayg Oshagan

Why New Michigan Media is important?

“Southeast Michigan’s ethnic, minority and foreign-born entrepreneurs are key to the region’s long-term revitalization and future economic growth and ignite the overall entrepreneurial spirit of the region.

The ethnic and minority media partnership (New Michigan Media) is the ideal platform to showcase Southeast Michigan’s ethnic, immigrant and minority communities as catalysts for economic renewal and growth.”

— David Egner, Executive Director.
New Economy Initiative of SE MI, Hudson-Webber Foundation